The Negative Aspects Of Your Zodiac Sign

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Everyone hates to focus on the bad stuff, but lets face ithow can you improve if you dont know what to improve upon? So, lets get to it! What does your astrology sign unpleasantly say about you?

Aries (March 21April 19)

Your ruling planet is Mars, the God of War. This sums up your personality quite well, dont you think. Always ready for a battle, you rams never back down. Well, thats because you are always right at least in your mind.

Advice: Temper, temper, Aries. Loosing your cool when things don’t go your way does nothing to boost your popularity. Try yoga.

Taurus (April 20May 20)

One word describes Taurus to a tee: stubborn. Getting you to change your mind is like closing a revolving doorimpossible.

Advice: I understand that you never say die, but sometimes you may want to admit critical injury. Pick and choose your battles.

Gemini (May 21June 20)

You are an Air sign, Gemini, and to say you are flighty would be an understatement. If life were a kitchen, you would have a hand in preparing every dinner. But, when it comes to suppertime, no meals would actually be ready.

Advice: Focus, Gemini, focus. Sigh...

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