The New #1 Superfood: The Most Powerful Antioxidant Known In

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The New #1 Superfood: The Most Powerful Antioxidant Known In The World

There has been a groundbreaking discovery in the field of health and nutrition. Though it has been featured in the media and become an underground buzz, it is still generally unknown. It is the anti-aging and health re-vitalizing power of a little Brazilian fruit, now declared the new #1 superfood: the acai berry.

Before this recent finding the blueberry was acclaimed as the most nutrient rich food. It had been recognized for its extremely powerful antioxidant properties.

Antioxidants are essential for full body health. In the natural process of the bodys workings, cells are constantly metabolizing. This creates byproducts called free radicals. Free radicals are molecules missing an electron. A free radical will seek to stabilize itself and by stealing an electron from a healthy cell. This creates yet another free radical, causing more cell damage. The process snowballs as we age and eventually we begin to feel its effects at around age 35 or 40 – the domino effect of untreated massive cell damage. Things begin to go wrong.

As the unchecked flow of free radicals...

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