The New Hampshire Debate – Recap Of A Fear Mongering

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The New Hampshire Debate – Recap Of A Fear Mongering Feast

The scene of this terrible accident — Saint Anselm College in Manchester, N.H. [The third GOP presidential debate — Tuesday, 5 2007].

My friend Paul Reyes likened them to a “convention of morticians,” in their last debate. Mark Mellman, a pollster says these candidates make the Republican party look like “a front for the Flat Earth Society.” I equate them with a congregation of angry, trembling middle-aged white men.

In fact, Rep. Tom Tancredo, the Congressman from Colorado might have injested a lethal concoction of “Viagra and Cialis” — judging by his shrill, “blood cuddling” and discombobulated allocution.

They threatened nuking Iran with tactical nuclear weapons, kicking out all immigrants. John McCain even insinuated that Bill Clinton started the Kosovo war, comparing it to erroneously Bush’s “illegal” Iraq war.

For the record: The Kosovo War was a conflict between Serbian and Yugoslav security forces and the Kosovo Liberation Army, an Albanian guerilla group seeking independence. Clinton...

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