The Perfect Storm In The American Economy–What The Dollar’s Decline

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The Perfect Storm In The American Economy–What The Dollar’s Decline Really Means To Your Pocketbook

A single bad event, by itself, is rarely a cause for worry. But put that single bad event together with another seemingly unrelated bad event and, well, there could be serious trouble ahead.

Take the steady, troublesome decline of the value of the American dollar. (See The Incredible Shrinking Dollar at That now well-established decline has turned into what appears eerily like a nosedive. The dollar has now lost about 46% of its value against this newly-created Frankenstein of Old-World Eouropean currencies. It makes some of us who like to travel every now and again nostalgic for the good old days of French francs and German marks.

The greenbacks decline means all of us Americans now have less purchasing power versus almost every other major currency —the European euro, the Japanese yean, the Chinese yuan and so on. In a real sense, were just not as rich as we used to be.

Less purchasing power means we cant bring home as much of that Bordeaux as we used to or eat as much Kobe beef if we happen to be in Tokyo....

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