The power of google sitemaps

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Dear fellow entrepeneur

Let me tell you. When I started with Google Adsense in 2004, I had my doubts. But today, three years later, I am convinced about Google Adsense.

Maybe you won’t believe me, but I’m making almost 30% of my monthly salary with Google Adsense.
You know, you get these so-called experts telling you how you can get rich in no time with Adsense. But let me tell you; it’s all a hype (not that I’m saying that it is impossible to get rich with Google Adsense.). You see, it all comes down to very hard work and experimentation. And believe me, I made a lot of mistakes! But I’ve learned. And I’ve learned a lot!. You see, when I first started my first website, I did not have any intention of making money with Google Adsense. I started a website with the pure intent to help other people. I mean, the internet is a great place and the perfect opportunity where you can help others if you like.

So many people just join the internet community to make money. It does not matter to them if you loose money or valuable time, as long as they get what they want. Not that I say you are not allowed to make an income...

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