The Power Of The Spoken Word

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The pen is mightier than the sword, says an adage. But most people do not know that when written words become spoken words, they explode like firecrackers! If books speak volumes, speeches fire up entire lives.

There are three kinds of words: the written, the meditated, and the spoken.

Written words inform and give full spectrum of probabilities about a topic or event. Meditated words have the potential to bring out explosive ideas. But when both the written and meditated words are verbalized, the result is tremendous, to say the least. Spoken words are fired from the barrel of a gun (the mouth), through a triggering mechanism (our tongue). When used effectively, words are like bullets that hit targets accurately and leave an indelible mark.

Speaking is a very unique technique of conveying messages. It involves body and soul. It can create a visual drama with live emotions and gestures that put life into the message like no written or meditated messages can achieve. In speaking, you really become the message rather than the words you speak. Thus, entire multitudes can go berserk in public with a moving speech.

It pays to learn how to speak with fire...

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