The Product Life Cycle of Network Marketing: The Four Stages

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The Product Life Cycle of Network Marketing: The Four Stages of Building a Downline

Most products, whether they are tangible goods or intangible services, go through predictable stages during their natural life. This is usually referred to, in marketing circles, as The Product Life Cycle. These stages are (1) Product Development, (2) Introduction, (3) Growth, (4) Maturity, and (5) Decline.

Your network marketing business will behave in a similar fashion, that is, it will go through various stages as you work toward achieving your financial goals. Since Id like to take a positive view, I wont consider the possibility of Decline. Instead, I offer four stages that your downline will go through as you build it for success, what I call the Product Life Cycle of Network Marketing: (1) Introduction, (2) Development, (3) Growth, and (4) Maturity.

1) Introduction. This first stage is when you are new to the business and have not yet developed the skill set needed to be successful in MLM. You may not have developed the intestinal fortitude needed to get beyond some initial setbacks. If you have not been involved in a network marketing program before, youre probably...

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