The Proper Takeaway And Backswing

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When it comes to the swing, my golf instruction hinges on a simple idea: The swing is a chain reaction. What occurs at the start of the swing influences what happens at the end. If you execute the takeaway and backswing properly, youll hit the ball with accuracy and power. If you dont, youll hit the ball off-line and with little power.

A proper takeaway is critical to a good swing. Like the catalyst in a chain reaction, the takeaway starts everything in motion, as I stress in my golf tips. It introduces width and coordination in the swing, and determines the quality and shape of the shot. In fact, many experts consider the first 30 inches of the takeaway the most crucial point in the swing.

A one-piece movement starts the takeaway. To achieve this, sweep the club back low and slow as your left knee, hip, and shoulder turn to the right. Shift your weight slightly onto the right foot (for right-handers), creating the feeling as if the move was all arms. And hold your chin up as you take the club away to allow for a full left shoulder turn.

Here, some golf instruction differs on the position of the left heel. No hard and fast rules state that it should...

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