The Right Espresso Machine For You

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Brewing an espresso coffee drink is different compared to most other types of coffee. In fact, the rise in the popularity of espresso coffee over the last 20 years or so has been very significant. Companies took notice and banked on the salability of espresso machines, competing for features and designs.

Due to this competition, espresso machines today come in varied forms, brands designs and sizes. That variation gives rise to another problem: Which espresso machine is right for your needs?

Espresso machines, no matter what the brand, will serve the same basic purpose. Espresso machines pump out steam through a finely packed puck of powdered coffee beans for about 20 seconds and produces a drink that is slightly thick and deep brown in color, with a foam layer on top.

Espresso machines may have a combination or may include all of the following components:


Heating Chamber

Steam Wand

Control Panel


Espresso machines have four basic styles. Each type has its own positive features and each has its own disadvantages.

The pump style espresso machine

This type of espresso machines are...

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