The secret to a successful personal budget keep it

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The secret to a successful personal budget keep it simple

We all know we need to make a budget. We all know that a budget is a plan. We all know that without a plan in life, we will not succeed.

So why do we find it so hard to make a budget? Whats our budgeting problem?

The problem for many people is they try to make it too complicated. They go to the bookstore and buy all the books they can on personal budgeting. They purchase the latest money tracking software for their computer. They sign up for one of the many on-line budgeting services. By then they have spent so much time preparing to do a budget, that they dont have time to do a budget!

Dont fall into that complicated budget trap. Remember the secret to a successful budget is to keep it simple. How can you keep your budget simple? Well, its simple.

Start with a piece of paper, or a blank spreadsheet on your computer. Make a column, or a page, for every time you get paid. (Yes, you read that correctly. You dont want a column for every month; you want a column for every paycheck). If you get paid every week, you want one column for every week you get paid. And remember, we...

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