The Secret To Club Head Speed: The Holy Grail In

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The Secret To Club Head Speed: The Holy Grail In Golf – Part 3

In this 3 Part Special Golf Report you will learn:

– What creates club head speed?
– How to dramatically increase your club head?

Let us now look at the way a golf club is designed. You remember in high school when we all learned about levers? Levers have a way of multiplying force thus giving you a mechanical advantage when you want to move a large object for example. Most golfers think there are only 2 levers in the golf swing – the arms and the club. The reason for this I believe is teaching pros either do not know this, or they think their students are too dumb to understand this.

There are actually 3 levers in the golf swing. This is such an important concept that it is worth repeating – “THERE ARE 3 LEVERS IN THE GOLF SWING”!!! The first lever is the arms, the second lever is the club…can you guess what the third lever is? Most amateurs do not know the answer to this question. This is why most amateurs cannot create REAL club head speed.

The third lever is the clubface! This 3rd lever rotates around its own axis. The...

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