The Secret – When You Can Walk On Water ,

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The Secret – When You Can Walk On Water , Take The Boat ( Part 47 )

Gideon announced,When youre out of your body as you are now, John, your thoughts are materialized at the speed of light, or rather, at the speed of thought. The same thing could happen when youre in your body, of course, but then you have to take into account the concept called time. So, managing ones thinking is as essential here as it is there. As a man thinketh…, remember?

Wow! What a fantastic place!I shouted. Could I think of all kinds of good stuff, fun things or whatever and would they appear?

Here, immediately, there, sooner or later.But appear they will,as sure as day follows night. By the same token, however, if you focus on unpleasant things, they too will be created. Just a universal law, John. Think and expect good and you get it. Think and expect bad and you get that, too. Its a double-edged sword, you see. You cant get one without also being able to get the other, or else, where would your power of choice be? How could you exercise choice if you were only given one possible choice? Therefore, since the power of choice is one of the most important gifts from your...

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