The Tea Room Business Plan – The Value Added Proposition

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The Tea Room Business Plan – The Value Added Proposition

Business does not exist in a vacuum and you will not be successful just because you are a nice person. Business doesnt work that way.

All business represents an exchange of one form or another and the exchange is usually facilitated by money. The essence of the exchange however is the perceived value added on behalf of the customer. If your customer perceives that your offering adds value to their life or business, then there is a good chance that customer will do business with you if you ask for his business.

Without perceived value added however, you will not get the business and your business will fail. It is as simple as that. But remember that value must be perceived and communication to customers and prospects is as important as the value itself.

What are the ways to establish perceived value in a Tea Room Business?

First, understand the world of tea. Tea education is important if you are going to open a tea business. The more you know about tea, the more you will be able to educate your customers. The more you teach your customers, the more satisfied clients you will...

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