Tips To Give You A Great Golf Swing

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All crack players feel that they swing from in-to-out when driving.

I have been doing this so long that it no longer feels a “guided” or unnatural swing to me.

Indeed if I feel myself making any other sort of swing I know it will result in a bad shot.

Yet with the beginner this in-to-out swing does feel unnatural and gives an impression that the ball will be pushed into the rough to the right. This feeling will of course be corrected by experience.

This disparity in feeling about shots as between the crack and the beginner must never be lost sight of in teaching.

Here we come back again to my reason for standardizing as many shots as possible so that they can all be played with the same set of “controls.” Only so I believe can you learn to play entirely by sense of feel.

Today, if I play a bad shot I do not start asking myself why I played it badly, what I did wrong, etc. questions which are liable to lead to more bad shots as we all know! I just take an easy club and try it until I get the right feel again.

Then because my shots are felt I know that the right feeling must lead to the right shotand...

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