Turf Wars-The Battle For Your Yard

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It’s your home and lawn, right? So why share them with destructive pests?

“Your yard shouldn’t be a place where you have to deal with destructive bugs or worry about the diseases they may carry,” says Bayer Advanced™ Garden Expert Lance Walheim, the author of “Lawn Care for Dummies.”

But there are really two types of destructive pests: those that damage the lawn or affect people by attacking aboveground, or those that attack your lawn by chewing on the grass roots. It is important to make sure you are treating for the right pests.

A few pests that can be roaming above or below your lawn:

• Chinch Bugs-In Southern states, the chinch bug is the most destructive pest of St. Augustine grass lawns. Consumers spend more than $50 million annually trying to control them.

• Mole Crickets-This is the #1 lawn pest on the Gulf Coast. The bug damages lawns two ways: by feeding on the roots and through significant tunneling.

• Ticks-Lyme disease and Rocky Mountain spotted fever are two illnesses transferred by ticks. Lyme disease is concentrated in New England and the mid-Atlantic states...

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