Understanding Your Bank Account Details Better

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With so many different terms floating around, banking terminology can get really confusing. If you are someone who doesnt know their AER from their APR and their PIN from their Chip, then this guide to common banking terms could enlighten you.


AER stands for Annual Earnings Rate. AER is used to calculate the annual amount that you earn on an investment or savings account. The higher the AER, then the better the investment or savings account. If you are looking for a savings account then compare AERs to work out where your money is going to make the most profit.


APR stands for Annual Percentage Rate, and is the amount of interest that you pay each year on a loan or mortgage. The lower the APR then the less you will pay yearly on that item of borrowing. Items with high APRs like credit cards have APR figures around 15-20% whereas mortgages have a low APR figure of about 5-7%. The quickest way to compare loans is to look at their APR values.

Chip and PIN

Chip and PIN is the current system used to pay for items or withdraw cash using a credit or debit card. The card has a 4-digit PIN, or personal identification number, that you...

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