Vitamin C

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Probably the most talked about vitamin is Vitamin C. Most people associate it with orange juice, assume that it will help you stay healthier, and know little else about this famous and fascinating vitamin.

The truth is that Vitamin C is necessary for all humans. Vital in the production of collagen, it also helps protect other fat-soluble vitamins and fatty acids in the oxidation process. It also has been used to treat iron deficiency and can present and cure scurvy.

So what happens if you dont consume enough Vitamin C? In extreme cases, it can cause the disease Scurvy. Rarely seen today except in alcoholics who dont consume many other calories, it causes mobile teeth, bleeding gums, purplish colored wounds, joint pain, muscle deterioration, and a wealth of other problems.

For those who think they may not be getting enough Vitamin C, the good news is that it is readily available in the form of many common foods. If you enjoy fruit, you can snack on a lime, grapefruit, orange, or other citrus fruits. If you are in the mood for veggies, a green pepper, potato, or tomato are among those boasting lots of this important vitamin. Although a lot of the nutrients of...

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