Website Marketing- Pixel Page Advertising – The hottest advertising craze

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Website Marketing- Pixel Page Advertising – The hottest advertising craze on the internet

What is next? Ive been in marketing for many years, and just when I assume Ive seen it all, I get shocked all over again. Every new trick I see causes me to laugh at the beginning. But then results come in the picture. You get to believe it. Im talking about Pixel Ads.

So, what is pixel page? Or what is pixel advertising? Or what are pixel ads?
Pixel Ads, sometimes referred to as Micro Ads, are little advertisements that only slot in the space of a pixel on a web page. These ads range anywhere from a penny to a dollar per pixel and several sites are offering free Pixel Ads.

Selling the ads on the front page of a site has been easy because they are attractive to watch and easier for site owner to get lots of traffic towards his site, InnovativePixelPage, one of the companies selling pixel ads said. If an advertiser buys a 10×10 pixels or block or slot, it appears as a small square in the grid of small squares on the site’s front page.

It is kind of strange. The site also makes advertising fun, instead of a “big, serious thing.”...

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