What Every Self Improvement Junkie Should Know About Emotion

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Most people are familiar with the phrase thoughts become things, and in a manner of speaking that is true. However, the more accurate way to explain that concept would be to say that thoughts become emotions.

Emotions in turn drive the machine of your life that creates the things that you think about. The fact that emotions need to be part of the equation is easily verified by thinking back to any time in your life whenever you thought long and hard about having or doing something, but those thoughts never manifested into whatever it was that you were thinking about. For example:

Many people think very often about having enough money to enjoy certain material possessions or experiences.

Almost all people give considerable thought to weight loss, physical fitness, or their overall health.

The majority of people also spend plenty of time thinking about satisfying romantic or other social relationships.

However, despite the massive amount of thought that is dedicated to some or all of those things, it is often the case that we do not have the level of success in those areas that we desire.

The reason for that is because we do not have the...

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