What Fiber Optic Supplies Do You Need To Clean A

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What Fiber Optic Supplies Do You Need To Clean A Fiber Optic Connector?

First, lets understand why a fiber optic connector needs cleaning.

You may never need to clean the RJ45 connector for your computers Ethernet network connection, then why do you need to clean a fiber optic connector if it serves the same purpose as a networking connection?

While, the answer lies in how optics work differently than electronics. In electronics, as long as you have a contact between two connectors, they work perfectly; or at least most of the time.

But for optics, light beams travel in straight lines, they bounce off whenever they hit anything and thus loss their energy.

So in order for a light beam to carry the information signal and travel thousands of miles of optical fiber, its path must be kept crystal clear, including fiber optic connectors in the network.

What part of a fiber optic connector should be cleaned, exactly?

OK. Now comes the critical part. What part in the fiber connector needs cleaning, exactly? The short answer is the ferrules body and its end face. But what exactly is a ferrule?

Ferrule is a cylindrical and also the...

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