What is Global Warming?

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In the past several years, Global Warming has become one of the biggest debates, with scientists divided on if it exists, what (or who) is causing it, and if there is a solution.

There are contradictory scientific studies and papers on all sides of this issue. Is it a man-made problem, meaning that each and every persons carbon footprint makes a difference?

Is it a bovine-made problem and every animal that produces bodily waste contributes to an increase in the methane in the atmosphere? Is it a blip on the natural climate cycle?

Scientists have been studying whether or not the earths atmosphere has been in a warming trend because of gases stuck in the atmosphere, which prevents the earths heat from dissipating, commonly called the greenhouse effect.

Simply stated, the greenhouse effect is the exchange of heat and gases between surface and atmosphere. The greenhouse effect is a natural occurrence; it is what keeps the earth at a habitable temperature, with the perfect amount of oxygen for humans, animals and plants.

Scientists who can agree that global warming is a problem also agree that there is no real solution. The industrial years of...

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