What Is Sciatica?

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Why do I have sciatica?

Is there successful treatments available?

Most work-related sciatica injuries are caused or aggravated by actions such as heavy lifting, vibration, repetitive motion, and awkward posture.

Sciatica usually is derived from a traumatic event, muscle disproportion, or a combination of both.

Sciatica soreness is caused by force on the sciatic nerve, normally caused by a tightening and shortening of the piriformis muscle. This is more often than not produced by a disproportion between the inner and outer hip rotator muscles.

The ordinary low back troubles and other spinal situations that can cause sciatica – pain along the sciatic nerve – include:

1). Lumbar Herniated Disc. A herniated disc happens when the inner core of the disc breaks through the fibrous outer core of the disc and the bulge places force on the nearby nerve root as it exits the spine. In general, it is said that a sudden twisting movement or injury can lead to herniation and sciatica. But, most discs get worse due to recurring stress and then herniation. A herniated disc is usually referred to as a slipped, ruptured, bulging, or protruding...

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