What Kind Of Things Do Successful Headlines Offer?

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making similar claims, find a unique, underused advantage and base your headline on this particular point. Doing so gives you an authentic and original position in the minds of your consumers.

Simplify life by offering a solution thats both quick and easy to apply. With time being the most precious current resource, anytime you can offer a time saving bonus feature in your headline, you should do so. Your prospects and customers work long and hard. Theyre pulled this way and that way. By the end of the day, theyre exhausted physically and mentally.

Now imagine your prospect scouring the Internet for information on a particular topic. Various solutions are available but most require an investment of time and energy, something thats in short supply. Suddenly, your headline leaps off the screen, offering a near-instant solution thats virtually effort free. Your headline is too tempting to ignore. So your prospect is captivated from the start giving you a much better chance of making the sale.

Now if you can guarantee a particular result, thats even better. But if youre going to mention your guarantee in the headline, it should be a powerful, no holds...

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