What Makes People Successful?

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Strategies for Success

What do successful people do that others dont?

What motivates them to keep going?

Can anyone be successful?

What makes them different from others?


Successful people are confident, honest and driven.

These are attitudes, not skill.

Our attitude can improve our skills so we need to change our attitudes and become more focused and driven.

Our minds find it impossible to store all the information it receives in a day and so it deletes the unnecessary detail. So you need to change your attitude to your business or your life. You need to set goals, concentrate on knowing what you want to achieve and work towards achieving your goals.

But your goals need to be SMART goals:

Specific know exactly what you want
Measurable be able to follow the progress
Achievable be within your capabilities
Realistic be possible to do
Time you must make the time to do it

You need to know exactly what your goals are, be able to set a plan and follow it, be achievable for you (e.g. dont attempt to be a brain surgeon if you cant stand the sight of blood), be...

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