What Soy Allergies And How You Can Deal With It

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What Soy Allergies And How You Can Deal With It

Among the many food types that cause all allergies, over ninety percent is caused by just eight possible sources of allergens. Among these is Soy, also known in the UK and other countries as Soya.

Like any other allergy, contact with this food protein type will result in the immune system falsely recognizing the protein as a threat, and will activate its systems in an attempt to combat it.

These ordeals are often painful, and its no joke when an allergic reaction occurs. Millions suffer from the same condition, and because of this there have been exclusion diets built up so that those allergic to Soy can avoid any and all food products containing the offending material.

How The Body Reacts

The bodily reaction of those allergic to soy may go from mild to wild, depending on their individual case. At the extreme end of soy allergy reactions, and all other allergies for that matter are anaphylactic reactions, resulting in difficulty breathing, shock, and low blood pressure, all quite able to be life-threatening in a matter of minutes.

A common way to combat this extreme body reaction is to...

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