When Is An Autoresponder Not An Autoresponder?

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If you’re new to internet marketing, you may be wondering…

“What the heck is an autoresponder?”

Of course, some of the old hats out there reading this will scoff at that question.

They’ll LITERALLY say:

“SCOFF! An autoresponder is a program that automatically sends out emails to your prospects! SCOFF, SCOFF!”

Well, they’re right. An autoresponder does, in fact, automatically send pre-written emails out to people in a timely fashion.


(And this is a big “but!”)

An autoresponder is actually much, much more than just a program that sends out emails.

It’s actually…


Lemme give you a quick breakdown in website traffic to explain what I mean…

See, there are 3 types of website visitors…

There are first time visitors.

There are recurring visitors.

And then there are ADDICTS.

Recurring visitors and addicts will almost ALWAYS buy more of what you have to sell than first time visitors.

So in order to cultivate these two types of visitors, marketers...

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