Wheres the Beef? Is there Really a Foodless Food Syndrome?

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Wheres the Beef? Is there Really a Foodless Food Syndrome?

My all-time favorite TV commercial was that old Wendy’s ad. The setting is The Home of the Big Bun; the customer reminds us of Granny from The Beverly Hillbillies. As Granny opens the lid of an over-sized hamburger bun, she discovers an unsettling surprise… a teensy-weensy, itty-bitty patty of beef. Mad as a hornet with P.M.S., she cackles the now-famous slogan:

“Where’s the Beef?”

“Where’s the Beef?” soon became a catchphrase in the arena of verbal combat. I still chuckle whenever I think back to an infamous moment during the 1984 presidential primaries. Walter Mondale separated himself from underdog Colorado Senator Gary Hart with a little humor.

Mondale borrowed the phrase “Where’s the Beef?” to criticize Harts lack of depth in policy statements. Everyone knew exactly what he meant. Those three powerful words cut swiftly and poignantly to the proverbial chase! Suddenly, Harts pompous pontifications were stripped of their aurora of omniscient omnipotence and simultaneously exposed as frivolous fluff. Reminiscent of the...

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