Who Will Receive the Mark of the Beast?

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Mark of the beast, the man and his number 666, is definitely on the top of the most scary, misunderstood number in history. Most of the world associates the number with the devil. Some of the so called end time preachers would like to scare you into thinking this is something to worry about however it does not have to.

I remember standing in a grocery line when I was younger and the womans change was $6.66. She refused it and walked out. Was this some force of darkness or just a coincidence? Most believe that if you receive this mark you will be unable to buy or sell. The mark will be placed on the forehead or on the right hand and has been associated with the end of times or end of the world. Is a mark always a bad thing?

Many people have claimed when you play the old albums (33rpms) of Led Zeppelin and other rock groups you can here subliminal messages concerning this man and his number. Others are worried that the bar codes on products that we buy have to do with the mark of the beast as well as the medical implant chips that have been in use for years. They have now come up

with the idea to put the implants in our children to help keep track...

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