Why a byline should be effective.

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Im a publisher for numerous sites. I HATE many of your articles. Here is why I hate the byline of your article and what you can do about it.

The byline of an article is your chance to pimp your site and yourself. I do not really care what you write. There only time I would forgo using an article because of the byline would be if you were one of those people that writes seven or eight lines of text. Please try to keep it to three lines or less.
Something To Consider

If you are writing articles, you undoubtedly know it is a great way to build the link count for a site. Assume you put two links in the byline of an article. Assume further that 60 sites publish your article. You have effectively generated 120 links for your site, a number that would take forever if you were pursuing reciprocal link trades.

Article links are also valued highly by search engines because they are inbound only links. In the minds of a search engine, inbound links are far more valuable than reciprocal links. Inbound links are interpreted as an indication the site in question has highly relevant information and should be ranked high in search engine results. If...

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