Why Cant I Manifest What I Want?

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I am about to share with you a deep and powerful secret that is at the heart of the law of attraction. This secret is the very reason so many people fail to attract the things that they want.

Without this knowledge you will simple continue to spin your wheels in the mud while sadly wondering why things have not changed. You believe that they should change because you have done all the steps or so you thought. However there is still knowledge that most people will never know about manifesting. Its a sad truth.

This knowledge will instantly change your ability to manifest what you want. What do you wish for? Perhaps like most people you desire more money in order to experience the life that you want. Lets face it most people will live all their life in a state of poverty and never rise beyond money issues.

Its almost impossible to live a full life if you continue to struggle. Why do you struggle despite applying all the law of attraction tools? Its because you are still trying to attract conditions into your life at the same mental state as where you presently are.

You see in order to alter reality you must do so at the finer levels of reality...

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