Why Imitating Big Companies Is Dumb For Small Businesses

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If you’re in business and want to grow quickly, there are 397 ingenious marketing strategies in just 12 areas of business to get your there. Most of these strategies your competitors have never even considered using.

Why? Because they make the mistake of relying on commissioned sales reps for marketing advice.

That’s dumb.

As psychologist Abraham Maslow is famous for saying: “to the person who only has a hammer all problems look like a nail.”

The same is true of ad agents. Since the only thing ad agents sell are ads, they never advise on other ways to grow a business. They instead preach “branding” and “top of mind awareness”.

Thats the wrong focus for small to medium sized businesses.

I know that may sound offensive. Many business owners have yelled at me, cursed me, even scornfully ridiculed me before walking away without testing a single strategy. Why? Because their egos were bruised when I pointed out imitating big business image advertising is a mistake for a business of their size.

Instead of imagining even for a moment there might be a better way to grow a company...

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