Why It Seems So Hard to Get Hired for Your

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Why It Seems So Hard to Get Hired for Your Services!

To answer this question lets first take a look at the difference between promoting products VS services.

Products often have cool features that show results quickly. Talk about the benefits of a feature and how itll make your customers life easier and youll probably get a sale.

Services on the other hand, are intangible. There are no buttons to push or before and after pictures to see. Services often get categorized as luxury items we can usually survive without. They are more challenging to sell because the results of a service can be difficult to quantify measure or prove.

Many hard sell sales trainers shy away from working with service providers. It is easier to train someone to sell products with features you can see and results you can prove.

After four years in the corporate world selling products (Electronic telephone systems), I transferred into yellow pages advertising. Many of the sales techniques we used to sell telephones wouldnt work at all in advertising! I quickly found out that I needed new sales techniques to promote the intangible results of advertising....

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