Why should you quit smoking?

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Why should I quit smoking? Its a great question that sooner or later every smoker will
ask themselves. We will all eventually get to that point. If you are reading this, than you are probably there now.

You have been hearing it from your family and your friends, as more and more of them quit smoking, and then want to convert you. Then there is your doctor, who would make more money from you if you continued to smoke, but never the less he wants you to quit too. Your dentist may even get in on the act. Youre teeth are getting yellow, do you smoke? Not to mention society in general. No smoking in restaurants, office buildings, pretty much any indoor public place. Where I live, even the bars have gone smoke free. Times sure are changing.

Therefore we get to the point where we ask ourselves, Is this really worth it? When
we are standing outside in January, freezing our collective butts off, thats when we usually ask this question. We have to leave our desks every couple hours. We make excuses like, I am going to get a coffee, might as well have a smoke while I am out.

I guess the things that bother me the most about smoking is the smell. We...

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