Your Expertise is Boring!

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I see your lips moving, but all I hear is Blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. I know its not what you want to hear, but quite simply, if you are a speaker, author, consultant or other “expert” I see being interviewed by the news media, your expertise just isnt very interesting. Information is a dime-a-dozen and yours is no different.

So in this age of round-the-clock, on-demand, blue tooth, on line, high def., Wi-Fi, via satellite, news junky, at your fingertips world of information, what separates those messages that break through the clutter and the vast majority of expertise that goes un-tapped? The answer is very simple: Its the delivery!

Information, delivered by experts in a straightforward fashion, is too often reminiscent of a classroom lecture Boring! However that same content, deliver with passion, purpose, urgency, spirit and conviction can move people to action and move you to the top of the news medias first call list.

The information stored in your brain is merely the entry fee. Your credentials to deliver that content is only the prerequisite. But your crusade is what truly makes you interesting. Your passion for the message is what...

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