You Can Learn To Play Lead Guitar

There are no easy ways to teach someone the discipline and knowledge that is needed when they first learn play lead guitar. It is a combination of natural talent, teachings and technique that will make you the best lead guitarist you can be!


Technique is one of the key...

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Why Radio Won’t Play Indie Music

As I clicked on a popular music business forum, I was greeted with a question. “Why won’t commercial radio play music by Indie Artists?”

My reply to this person was as follows:

“As a former Operations Manager and Music Director on both the Comm and Non-Comm...

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Why is audio mastering important?

If you have read my last article, What does an audio engineer do when mastering music?, you already know what is involved in the professional mastering process. To re-cap what that article said to all who havent read it, the mastering process adds polish to your songs and makes them sonically...

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Why Do All Songs Are About Love

Do we listen to music when we are in love and we are happy? No, we usually don’t. We then listen to the music of our hearts that beat in tune to the one beloved.

We listen to songs about love when it is bad times for our love or when we are lovesick.

Pragmatically the...

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Who is Mac Dre?

Mac Dre was born on the fifth of July 1970 in Oakland, he grew up in Vallejo, California and lived there most of his life.

In 1989 Mac Dre released his first album, an EP titled ‘Young Black Brotha’ it had 4 tracks on it and one track ironicly titled ‘Too Hard for the...

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Where To Go To Download That Free MP3 Song

Music lovers! MP3 song collectors! Wondering where to find a free copy of that favorite song? If youre reading this, chances are good youre already online.. why not check the Internet for some free MP3 songs?

Below are a few websites where you can download free MP3 songs and...

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Where the Unknown Music Roams – Expand ...

Where the Unknown Music Roams – Expand Your Music Library

You’ve heard all your favorite music and artists on your local radio station. You’ve tuned in while hoping to hear something new and exciting. Unfortunately, the radio stations usually play the same tunes over and...

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Where do you find lyrics online?

Many people download lyrics off from the internet today. Having done that they many times wish that they did buy the disc as even the legal downloads do not come with any lyrics to the songs that they have. Finding lyrics online is easy with the growth of the internet but intergrating them with...

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What to look for in a Guitar Humidifier

Dry weather or environments can cause irreparable damage to acoustic guitars, in the form of fine cracks in the wood.

One way to supply additional humidity to your guitar is through a device known as a guitar humidifier. These devices are designed to release humidity inside the guitar...

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What Should You Look For In A Good Mastering ...

What Should You Look For In A Good Mastering Engineer?

Its just plain criminal Mastering studios that take your hard-earned money and then give you mastered tracks worse or no better than the original mix!

You see, good mastering is balancing act. Because as soon as you adjust one...

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What It Takes To Be A Guitarist

True interest in playing guitar comes from a burning desire to be what your heroes are. Its a blind passion. But, before you even pick up a guitar, you must first ask yourself these questions: Do I listen to music differently than my friends who don’t play guitar? when it comes to...

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What is iTunes

iTunes is a software developed by Apple Computers. It is a media player and is used to play and organize digital music and video files. You can also purchase digital music files through iTunes music stores within iTunes. You can use the program to manage music on iPod a popular digital audio...

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