Discovered – Secret to Getting ...

Have you ever spent countless minutes, hours and even days searching for something you misplaced?
Have you even had an argument with someone you live with for misplacing something of his or hers?
Have you ever missed an appointment because you forgot?
Have you ever been halfway...

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Clutter Quickly Grows With ...

The most common problem most people have with getting rid of clutter and getting organized is not knowing how to begin or where to get started.

So it gets put off until…later.

Of course, the reasons are usually decent.

For one, there’s a lot going on in our...

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Clear Clutter for a Cozy Casa

Is your house so messy you can never find what youre looking for? Are you often late for work because you can never find your car keys? These tips will help save time and keep you more organized.

Keep things in a place that makes sense. Drop your keys in a dish by the front door so you...

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Choosing A Professional Organizer

Professional Organizer’s are becoming increasingly popular, for a very good reason.

The past decade has seen life become increasingly sophisticated yet far less labor intensive for most of us. If you want to get and stay ahead, make use of professional organizer services, or what I...

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Balance your life

Writing is a solitary task.
Writing needs concentration and quiet.
Writing requires absolute commitment.

Are all there scary statements true?
What is more, is it possible to balance your writing career and family without turning yourself into a zombie?


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Addiction to Clutter

Clutter is a big problem for many people. At a lecture that I gave, I asked for a show of hands regarding how many people had problems with clutter and disorganization. I was surprised to find that at least half the people raised their hands.

One of my clients told me that she was trying...

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You Need Your Own Reasons for Organizing ...

First off, you need to know organizing your home is different for you than it is for someone else.

Some folks don’t have a lot of clutter and junk but need to know how to maintain organization and have a place for their stuff.

On the other hand, some homeowners have piles...

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Why should I organize?

Do you walk in the house after a long day at work and just sigh at your cluttered house? Have you planned to organize one morning but do not know where to start or are just not in the mood? Are you caught in a vicious cycle: as soon as you organize one room another one has turned to chaos? Maybe...

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Why Are You Keeping All the Clutter?

You know what the real problem is with getting organized?

We have too much stuff!

I’m willing to bet you have some things you (or someone you live with) keep without having a good enough reason.

So why DO we keep so much stuff?

The thing is, it’s easier...

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Who has time to get organized?

High gas prices, wedding presents, graduation parties, July 4th picnics, activities, vacations. Who has the time or money to organize? YOU DO! Organizing does not have to take forever or cost money. Dont believe me? Keep reading.

How much time do you have to organize? A half a day or...

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Tips for Organizing Your Monthly Bills and ...

Do you get hit with late fees because you forget to pay your bills on time? Do you constantly waste time searching for that cable bill you left somewhere in the house? Spend an hour organizing your personal bills and papers now, and this will save you time and frustration in the future. Plus,...

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Three Myths of Home Organization

There’s a little misinformation about home organization and getting organized I need to clear up.

These are the myths of home organization…


Myth #1: You have to be born organized to live organized, right?

Wrong! Some people mistakenly believe if you...

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