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The British Aikido Board
Disastrous National Nepotism Seminar 2004 99 Students
By Henry Ellis Co-author of Positive Aikido.

(BAB Founder member – now resigned )

For many years The British Aikido Board ( BAB ) have shown no interest what-so-ever in the true...

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Beating Stress with Martial Arts

Are you a busy executive or mom trying to do everything? Are you getting so stressed out that it seems like youre not accomplishing anything? If so, you can use martial arts to combat that stress! Many of the skills and techniques used in martial arts training are the same skills and...

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Are the Martial Arts still under development?

What is a martial art?

A martial art can be defined as any skill that can be applied in warfare. The word martial means “military.” So traditionally, a martial art is a military art. The first things that usually come to mind when discussing modern martial arts are leaping,...

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About Judo Uniforms

Since it was created in 1882 by Kano Jigoro of Japan, Judo has become one of the most popular martial arts in the world. It is quite a rigorous and physically demanding sport, appearing in several major international sports competitions. As a result, when partaking in judo training, it is...

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A Quitter Never Wins And A Winner Never Quits

Bottom line that’s the difference in the mindset between a champion and just another fighter. The difference between winning and losing. This is the attitude you must have to overcome all the obstacles in your training and matches. Focus, hard work and commitment are some of the key...

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10 Powerful Self Defense Tips For Women

In the USA, every two minutes a woman is being raped.

A 1993 survey revealed that 50% of Canadian women have experienced an incident of sexual assault or physical violence.

In Australia, 19% of women aged 18 to 24 experienced an act of violence in the last year.


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10 Common-sense Self Defense Tips For Men

For more than 30 years I have been running specialized self defence courses and seminars. Over that time I have shown thousands of people how to protect and look after themselves.

Increasing personal safety ALWAYS commences with awareness.

Since most men may be attacked in almost...

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Your Habits Will Determine Your Future

We all have dreams, desires, goals and it’s great to daydream about what it would be like holding that title belt high in the air feeling the energy of the crowd cheering you on. Back to reality now and here’s a question for you. How much time do you put into a day to make that dream...

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Wing Chun – Chinese Martial Art

Brief History:

Wing Chun (also known as Wing Tsun, Ving Chun or Ving Tsun) is one of the most popular types of Chinese martial arts. Though its basically an unarmed combat technique, Wing Chun may include weapons as part of its course. The origin of Wing Chun can be traced back to China,...

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When the World Turns VIOLENT!


Its dangerous out there and especially for you..

The enemy may be next door and you dont know it but you got to have the guts too look. What can you really do once you see some violence or get scared or worse because you receive a bashing or king hit –...

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What truely is a martial art?

A martial art is identified as any skill that is usefull within warfare. The definition of martial means “military.” So traditionally, a martial art is a military art. The first things that usually pop into your head when discussing modern fighting systems do you think leaping,...

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What to do if someone wants to fight you!


Have you ever seen raw violence or someone getting ‘owned’? Just search google for “martial street fights” – “martial owned” Watch those movies and cringe!!!

Kung Fu, Boxing, dancing, balley, incompetance? What will you...

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