Bring Your Presentations To Life and Get A Standing Ovation

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Bring Your Presentations To Life and Get A Standing Ovation

Presentation techniques are the tools that help us to bring a page of written text to spoken life. They are the means by which we animate words, inject interest and build audience rapport. Learn the following 7 techniques and youll have your audience clinging to every word you say.

1. Speak To Their Ears. Remember that your audience receives your words through their ears. They arent reading it. Thats why you should continually ask yourself, how will this sound to my audience?. In particular, you should check for
the use of jargon, technical and bureaucratic language, long phrases and gobbledeegook. Avoid them.
specific meanings: “next Friday” is better than “soon”.
concrete words rather than abstract words: “microphone” is better than “sound amplification facilities”.
Anglo-Saxon rather than Latinised words: “talk” is better than “communicate”.

2. Use Conversational English. Speakers who lack the confidence to speak directly to their audience tend to lean heavily on their prepared...

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