Roadmap to Weight Reduction Success

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Theres an old saying;

If you dont know where you are going, all roads lead there (nowhere!)

I speak to many people who want to reduce their wait and the first thing I ask them is how much do you want to reduce your weight by?
The usual answer I get back is something along the lines of;

Oh I dont know, I am just getting rid of my excess weight


Im just trying to lose a bit

In fact I would estimate that 95% of the people I speak to do not know exactly how much they want to reduce their weight by! When you couple this with the fact that 95% of people who want to reduce their weight never succeed you start to see a bigger picture.

I would also say that a large amount of those people also do not know how much they weigh in the first place, how can you know if you are succeeding if you dont know where you started from and where you want to go?

The simple answer is YOU CANT!

The title of this article is The Roadmap to Success so let me carry on with that metaphor.

If you are going on a journey and you needed to get to a specific place that you had never been before would you just set off and hope for the...

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