Sensory relaxation exercises

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Relaxation Exercises

One of the best forms of relaxation using the mind is imagination. With using imagination relaxation exercises you will not only become more relaxed but also have clearer thoughts.

Before starting the relaxation exercises, find a some where you won’t be disturbed for 20 minutes or so. Sit in a nice comfortable chair or lay down in a comfortable place and close your eyes.

At the start of the relaxation exercise, begin by taking several deep, calm and relaxing breaths. In through your mouth and out through your nose. Try not to expand your chest but instead allow your belly to gently rise and fall. After doing this for a few minutes and you feel you are more relax than you were when you first started, start the relaxation exercises.

Begin with your visualisation. Imagine yourself outside in the fresh air, on a deserted beach, in a quiet woods or alone away from busy places. Enjoying the solitude you now have.

Whilst doing the relaxation exercises look around you. Is there anything you can imagine that should be there like grass or flowers. Are there any other things there.

Now imagine you pick something up....

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