The Origins Of Our Lcd Screens And High Definiton Plasma

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The Origins Of Our Lcd Screens And High Definiton Plasma TV In Vintage Computer Monitors

It may be amazing to current computer users who are used to small compact LCD monitors. Not only were initial computer monitors large and cumbersome but that the early monitors used by computer enthusiasts were Cathode Ray Monitors that were not color,

Initial vintage monitors were monochrome one color only not the brilliant color displays that we take for granted today.

Some of these monochrome monitors were green or orange iridescent. Others were similar to a black and white television that is grey scale.

It is taken for granted now by young computer surfers and gamers that television was always color, not so.

Initially TV broadcasts were in black and white .

Color TV had been developed but the technology but the widespread use did not arise till the early 1970s and even later in some areas.

The broadcasts were seen as black and white on those sets and color on color sets.
Color TVs could receive programs that were in the black and white mode as well. Sort of the backwards compatibility of the day.

What then would be the...

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