6 Tips to Save on Your Printer Ink Cartridges

Buying a printer is a one time cost, but since printer ink cartridges need to be bought on a regular basis, the cost of operating the printer and maintaining it in proper condition can add up. Each print command, however small, makes your printer use ink, but with some easy tips, you can...

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5 Tips To Buying Ink Cartridges For Printers

$As a general rule, black ink cartridges are more affordable than color toner. When considering which to purchase, take a moment to think about how you will be using your printer. Will your printouts require color or will they work just as well in black & white? If the answer is yes, you...

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Xerox – Its Journey with Ink

Chester Carlson inventor of xerography founded the Haloid Company on April 18, 1935. The company manufactured and sold photographic paper! It was based in Rochester New York.

In the year 1942 Carlson received U.S. patent No. 2,297,691 on Oct. 6 for electrophotography, later called...

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Wireless Lan And Laptop Computers

A small business run from home or on rented space, while it can be extremely profitable, cannot be furnished in the same style as a large-scale company office. Using standard full-size desktop computers in such a set up is impracticable, as it takes up too much space and is too bulky for cramped...

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Why purchase a Dell Laptop?

One of the most well known brands on the market are Dell laptops. Of course, this comes from a lot of advertising. But their quality goes a long way in explaining why they are so big in the IT world.

Let’s take for example the new Dell Inspiron 6000. This is a high powered notebook...

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Why Most People Pay Double for Laser Toner ...

If you own a laser printer, you already know the most expensive part of ownership is purchasing laser toner cartridges. A normal laser printer has a life expectancy of five years. However, many laser printers will last longer than five years.

Did you know that over that five-year period,...

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Why do we defrag the Hard Disk?

What is Defragging?

Defragging is process done to a hard disk in order to improve performance and recover some lost disk space. Defragging is an essential part of a PC’s upkeep as it keeps all the data on your hard disk in an easily readable order. If a hard disk is left...

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Which New 64 Bit CPU to Buy ?? Choices .

Which New 64 Bit CPU to Buy ?? Choices . Choices.

All of a sudden, Intel’s lineup has become difficult to follow. You failed to mention the Core 2 Duo, the newest chip. Which CPU chip to buy?

Why not purchase a bag of potato chips?

At the very worst you can enjoy...

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Which Laptop battery is right for you?

The short answer is: Whichever type fits your laptop.

Laptop batteries vary according to the model and type of laptop computer for which theyve been designed. All laptop batteries do, however, share some common characteristics that differentiate them from regular household...

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What You Always Wanted To Know About Tips ...

What You Always Wanted To Know About Tips For Buying Good Speakers

This article was written to answer many of the most frequently asked questions on this topic. I hope you find this information helpful.

When you buy stereo equipment the speakers customarily come with the system....

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What type of asset labels do I need to buy

What type of asset labels do I need to buy for my school, office, company or college?

Asset Label Types
We have split asset labels into different categories and will explain their strengths and suitability and their applications.

1) Permanent frangible vinyl asset labels

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