Which New 64 Bit CPU to Buy ?? Choices .

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Which New 64 Bit CPU to Buy ?? Choices . Choices.

All of a sudden, Intel’s lineup has become difficult to follow. You failed to mention the Core 2 Duo, the newest chip. Which CPU chip to buy?

Why not purchase a bag of potato chips?

At the very worst you can enjoy eating the chips.

OK, enough of that. AMD has been making Intel look bad for three years. Its 64-bit, dual core chips were more advanced than anything Intel had.

Meanwhile, Intel hit the wall trying to produce a 4 gigahertz chip. In October, 2004, Intel said it would stop emphasizing raw speed. That had been a winning strategy for many years. But AMD’s chips ran at much slower speeds and used much less power.

With its Core chips, Intel has clearly broken with its speed-demon past. Furthermore, the Core 2 Duo is significantly more powerful than AMD’s best.

The Core Solo and Core Duo were introduced in January. Both are used primarily in laptops. Apple also uses these chips in desktops. These are 32-bit chips. That’s fine, because 99.9 percent of consumer software is 32-bit.

The words Solo and Duo refer to the number of cores on the chip....

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